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Our Profile.

Our company profile and training model

Our Vision

To expand our footprint nationally, to ramp the model – successful development of self-sustainable SMME-Entrepreneurs and highly-employable Super-Artisans – stemming the tide of unemployment.


Our Mission

Successfully develop a social-engineering programme – establish the linkages required between Creating Monetary capital and simultaneously developing Human Capital (Ethical Capitalism).


Training Model

Learners are re-trained from A to Z with all the relevant jewellery manufacturing skills to our standard, with the techniques and knowledge necessary to equip them with the ability to manufacture the traditional and commercial jewellery pieces required by manufacturing companies and clients.


Training Offered

Training and mentoring of underprivileged & marginalised individuals in skills programmes, learnerships, graduate development programs and train-the-trainer programmes to provide quality tradesmen to the industry on a national scale, to relieve the shortage of skilled tradesmen, as the trade is in a critical danger of collapse if not rapidly revitalised.