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Manufactures of
Bespoke Jewellery

90% Success Rate
in Skills Training


Our Services.

We understand your requirements and offer you a wide variety of bespoke jewellery and training services.
  • Custom Design
  • Hand Crafted Manufacture of Bespoke Jewellery
  • Diamonds and Colour Gemstones
  • Engraving (Laser & Hand)
  • Valuation Certificates
  • Repairs
  • Refurbishing
  • Electro-plating
  • Credit client’s old jewellery to manufacture new bespoke jewellery
  • CAD – Computer Aided Design
  • CAM – Computer Aided Manufacturing
  • Casting
  • Laser Welding
  • Laser Engraving
  • Mass Production Setting​
  • We are the only accredited training provider training “Super-Artisans” whereby the completed learners hold two or more Qualifications in the following: Goldsmith and Diamond setting, Engraving and/or CAD Design as an extra.
  • Diamond and Gemstone Setting for handmade jewellery including Engraving. Although engraving does not form part of the qualification, it is compulsory as it has also become a scarce skill therefore compulsory.​
GDP Students
Diamond Setting Students
Pneuma Jewellers
  • Pneuma Jewellers, Leaders in Quality, Custom-Design & Manufacture of Hand-Crafted, Bespoke Fine-Jewellery to International Standards, Since 1983


  • We believe that creating Stunning Pieces of Jewellery is an ART We Exploit Raw Materials NOT People A significant proportion of our profits go towards developing People

Social Innovation
  • As a social enterprise, we work in accordance with guidelines set by our government as well as other international organisations we take seriously directives that promote gender equality as the route toward an equitable balance in the re-distribution of the labour market — And job-creation through proper training the route toward an equitable world who’s resources we all must share            

  • We believe that creating Stunning Pieces of Jewellery is an ART We Exploit Raw Materials NOT People A significant proportion of our profits go towards developing People


Our Team.

Our best team for best production.
Wolf-Dieter Dorr

Master Artisan

Phumlani Mngoma

Super Artisan

Wiseman Buhlalu

Super Artisan

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Why Choose Us?

The Pneuma Brand, A Social & Creative Enterprise
Sector &
  • Operating within the Mining & Metals Beneficiation Sector, Retail & Wholesale Services and Training.
  • Quality custom-designers & manufacturers of hand-crafted, bespoke, fine-jewellery, to international standards since 1983.
  • Two Master jewellers – combining 90-years of experience in styles ranging from Italian, Arabic, European, British, German-Modern, SA commercial (European influence), as well as advanced African (not curio jewellery) and American commercial.
  • Top-class, secure facilities housing a working tripartite: Pneuma Jewellers, Pneuma Trade-Test Centre and Pneuma Academy of Excellence – all under one roof.
Training Provider
  • The only training provider in the jewellery sector in SA accredited by the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations (QCTO)
  • Trainers of top quality Goldsmiths, Setters & Engravers for the SA manufacturing industry.
Top Quality
    Qualified Artisans working at Pneuma:
  • 7 Goldsmiths
  • 4 Diamond Setters
  • 2 Engravers
  • 4 Designers

  • Capacitating the sector – transferring our IP, Brand & training know-how to manufacturers linking to Pneuma as an accredited training provider – maximising impact.
Trade Test
  • Currently the only Accredited Trade-Test Centre in Gauteng for both Goldsmith & Diamond Setting qualification.
  • Delivering the Super-Artisan that holds at least 2 trades, but up to  5 skill-sets delivered
  • Design
  • Sculpting/Carving
  • Goldsmithing
  • Gemstone Setting
  • Engraving
    the skills they acquire makes them highly-employable.
  • Creating the future young entrepreneurs: Assisting with infrastructure, tools, materials and product and encouraging our learners to build their client base whilst still in training.
  • Assisted a very successful 100% black-owned / 50% woman-owned company, Customised Business Advisory Solutions (CBAS), by providing services and financial assistance, until it reached self-sustainability.




What others say about us.
MetCon has identified Michael Pneuma as one of the champions in the field of training in hand-skills of Jewellers and hence decided to support the company where we can to help them to reach their desired objectives. Pneuma Academy has an excellent reputation and track record and we have supported them with funding and equipment without hesitation for the last 2 years. It is our pleasure to be associated with Michael Pneuma and his team, taking the South African Jewellery Industry forward one student at a time.
Charlotte Crosse​
Public Relations Manager
facility. We have 4 candidates who we would like to potentially send to your facility. Candidate 1: Has obtained a certificate in Jewellery Design and Manufacturing. The candidate of Botswana Nationality. Candidate 2: Has a certificate in jewellery design & Manufaturing. Botswana Nationality. Went through 1 year training at Keith White Design Academy in Rosebank. Currently in Milan for a 3 months internship with de Beers sister company Forevermark. Candidate 3: Has a Diploma in Jewellery Design from TUT. South African Nationality. Candidate 4. Certificate from Arts Performance Centre. Namibian Nationality. Please assist with information of trainings you provide. If you have a brochure with pictures, this would be helpful.
Nomhle Fiona Diteko
Corporate Affairs Specialist – Social Investment & Sustainability
"I was not only growing as a jeweller, but also as a person. The training improved our technical abilities, design & speed. I wouldn’t have learnt all these at the same time anywhere else but at Pneuma Jewellers.
Athi-enkosi Mancotywa

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